Here is a growing list of some of my projects

  • Graveyard infopoint

    A Northern Italian Municipality asked a client of mine to develop a InfoPoint for people visiting the town’s cemeteries which are quite scattered through the city The goal was to build an interface capable of querying a remote webservice which would provide details regarding burial site of a person or regarding upcoming funerals We chose php as a language for the server side since the app was an actual web page served through an embedded web-server The hardware was not something we had any chance of changing since it was a windows based system with touch screen and a printer capable of fitting into the metal casing of the info point Also we knew that the hardware was about to get changed in a medium period, so we ditched the possibility of writing a native app (java or C) The HTML approach was much more reusable and future-proof Also the expected concurrent use of the infopoint was not critical at all so even a small embedded web-server should have been able to provide the necessary throughput The challenging part of this job has been interfacing php with two different SOAP webservices provided by the municipality internal IT services One ws […]
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  • EzTransferClient

    A client of mine asked me to develop a simple standalone desktop app to deliver to his clients as part of an ez-publish extension he developed The aim of this app was to automatically download files provided by the ez-publish installation to allow external workflows I developed this app in Java to ensure portability I used AWT as a graphic library, GSON for (de)serializing requests and the apache-commons to manage the actual comunication As usual using the appropriate libraries made the work simple enough The first setup of the app needed the user to input the correct credentials to authenticate with the server After that the the workflow was: query remote point to obtain list of items Recover each item’s URL and start download render each item with a progress bar and append them to a Jpanel Start download in a dedicated Thread and provide feedback to the user using the progressbar After download has finished remove the progress bar and give feedback to the user If the content was zipped unzip it A first version rendered also controls for each downloadable element to let the user start stop pause the download process, but we came to the conclusion that […]
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  • La Compagnia del Tartufo

    Some time ago I developed a custom wordpress solution for a client The request was for a directory functionality that needed some tailoring. Client needed to be able to hierarchically define a custom taxonomy (geographical) and then show list pages On top of this they also needed the possibility to sort results grouping them by type of structure (all restaurants, all hotels … ). Of course some bells and whistles were requested as well and this has been taken care of with the use of jquery and the map plugin to let the end user drill down the map In this case I went for AdvancedCustomFields plugin together with some custom written code to enhance the plugin If you take a look at this link you will see a listing of two (at the time of my writing) cities and clicking on each name expands the relative children elements, sorted by structure type In this case the grouping has children (Veneto/ contains Venezia/ and Cortina/ ) so the request was to show all the results with this accordion-like approach. If you instead go to a grouping that has no children ( for instance) you will see all results already visible […]
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  • A Silex example

    Some weeks ago I was asked to develop a small custom web app for a client of mine. The request was for a small and simple app but with a couple of gotchas. Scenario is a real-estate agency willing to showcase a single product. They needed: Access control on all of the pages CRUD on users Control over files being downloaded (no hardlinking) My suggestion to the client has been to go for a Silex application since it uses well designed components coming from Symfony The implementation doesn’t differ much from a basic template, but some steps were tricky since the official documentation is a bit lacky or hard to follow, omitting a couple of needed “require” here and there I succeeded in satisfying customer’s requests and billed a total of 5 hours, including cretion of thumbnails, uploading of documents, extraction of the first page of PDFs as thumbnail ¹ ,  adapting to some changes in the initial requirements (never had a project that didn’t change requirements during development, not even is micro projects like this one). This is the cleaned up log of what I did to get it working First step has been the download of the standard Silex “fat” […]
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