Curriculum Vitae


Marco Albarelli
Born 4th January 1973 in Verona (Italy)


Bachelor degree in Sociology, obtained 20th September 2000 at the Trento university

Work experience

Two years as Clerk in a Mall in the HiFi and computer department
From 4th February 2002 to 2nd November 2003

Five years as developer and DBA for Assconsult S.r.l. (insurance company)
From 3rd November 2003 to 31 March 2008

One and a half year in Ready Net as web developer
From 1st April 2008 to 15th July 2009

Less than a year in netwise as web developer and sysadmin
From 16th July 2009 to 28 February 2010

From March 1st 2010 to September 1st 2014

From September 1st 2014 to July 31st 2015 Project Manager at IKS S.r.l.

Since August 2015 Freelance
From October 2015 to March 2016 Freelancing for Yippie!
Since March 2015 Freelancing for madisoft

IT Skills

Passionate of IT since my childhood, starting with a Vic20
I work mostly in a Linux environment, but if necessary I can handle Windows systems also.
I have quite string skills as sysadmin, but I offer those skills only in conjunction with projects involving development

RESTFul webservices Design
Medium/High, mostly: PostgreSQL 9+ , MySql
Medium: mongoDB, rethinkDB
Medium: ELK stack/Grafana
Symfony, Doctrine, Twig
Frontend Javascript (react, angular, jquery)
Backend Javascript (nodejs, functional programming)
Java, J2EE, SWT, jetty, spring, hibernate
System Administration
Cloud management
Medium: aws+ansible


During the years I had the chance to participate in many projects. Some of them are under NDA or are so old that are not really worth being mentioned.

Amongst these is a store-published mobile app aimed at citizens. LinkoMyCity. I acted as Project Manager in that project, coordinating the efforts of the development team, providing support and suggestions in the development phases and helping in the definition of functional requirements along with the client.

Another project I recently managedĀ involved the development of a B2B integrated solution. It’s a platform built to allow a major Italian dairy producer to track shipments by means of a integrated solution. Mobile phones perform geolocation and scan the shipment documentation and send the data to a custom built backend. The Angular/PHP backend allows administrative personnel to manage the data. This system sends automated wanings when shipments are non conformant with predefined criteria. In this particular project I acted both as a PM and SeniorDev, designing the architectural details, the RESTful API protocol, the mobile app behaviour and implementing the Symfony2 backend. All of the code for this projet has been developed in a TDD fashion using a AGILE(kanban) approach. The web administrative interface has been built starting from partial library elements thatĀ the team built during the development of similar projects. These library elements are based on the angular js framework and make use of the same APIs that provide data to all the other elements of the integrated solution

Moving to another project I have been involved in a major fork of Kibana. I have been asked to design and implement an authentication/authorization feature for kibana, to achieve a user specific webinterface manipulation plus a behind the scene additional filtering for queries performed on elasticsearch. The filtering is based on user-specific criteria retrieved from a MongoDB repository. In this projet I acted mostly as a Senior JS dev. Another piece of the architecture solution was the integration with OpenIDConnect APIs for the actual authentication (authorization was managed internally)

Other experiences

I performed my military duty as an Officer of the Bersaglieri corp
During my studies I worked in various fields, from construction to restaurants

Organizational Skills

I have been the Project Manager for quite some projects, both as a freelance and as an employee. Managing projects I learned how to organize both my and others’ work, coordinating all needed resources (internal and external) keeping up to date clients and stakeholders and keeping track of efforts, respecting deadlines
My work experience as a Freelance brought me to manage long periods of solitary work, respecting deadlines and planning autonomously
Working as a Freelance in the web area I’m costantly faced with changing specifications and strict deadlines and I normally cope quite well with both


Italian Native speaker


Basic knowledge

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